QuickBooks’ Custom Fields: An Overview

The QBC: QuickBooks® Client Newsletter

Part of QuickBooks’ popularity comes from its flexibility. Here’s a look at how custom fields contribute to that element.

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The beauty of QuickBooks is that it can be used for so many different kinds of businesses. Its smart design lets realtors and retail shops, plumbers and plastic surgeons use it to track income and expenses, pay bills and invoice customers, and to run those all-important reports.

But Intuit knows that QuickBooks can’t – and shouldn’t – tailor itself to individual business types (except in the industry-specific versions). So its structure and tools are somewhat generic and as universal as possible.

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Jacquie brings over twenty years of hands-on experience in operational management accounting, process engineering and financial reporting to Insero & Company's Outsource Accounting Services Group. She has applied her talents in the public utilities, manufacturing, high-tech, non-profit, retail, SEC and service sectors. She is a Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor with experience working with QuickBooks versions 2004 to present and has led numerous QuickBooks seminars over the past five years. Contact Jacquie at 585.697.9668 or jacqueline.platt@inserocpa.com.

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